Mental Health Awareness: Understanding the hidden danger to youth that you can’t ignore

Mental health is an integral element and a perilous ground to trod for the overall health that goes beyond just an absence of a mental disorder.

Youth Extra Lens Mental Health Awareness

Teaching youth to shut down their emotions does not make them calm. It actually makes them numb. Mental health is an integral element and a perilous ground to trod for the overall health that goes beyond just an absence of a mental disorder. Mental health is the basis for the well-being and optimal functioning of individuals. Mental health problems in India have always remained a big agenda.


A recent report by Hindustan Times suggested that a survey was conducted in which it was discovered that 80% of the Indian workforce engaged in some profession, reported mental health issues and more than 47% professionals say that work related stress is the biggest factor in disturbing their mental health.  According to WHO, the economic loss due to mental health between 2012-2030 is estimated at USD 1.30 trillion. It is therefore very essential to address mental health issues in India and provide quality care at the primary healthcare level. 


Dr. Pratima Murthy, the director of National Institute of Mental health and neuroscience, says that more than 15 crore Indians are in serious need of mental health care. It is necessary to focus on the statement that, ‘Mental health is not a luxury but a big necessity’. Google suggests that a lot of people don’t even realize that they are depressed as they force a smile on their face.



The rise in mental health concerns among young people is alarming at the least. Mental health is the foundation to quality of life. If the issue of mental health is not addressed it can escalate and have more severe consequences later in life.



Risk factors of mental health crisis for youth have led their life in social isolation, stress and boredom, drug use, violence, sexual assault and suicidal risks.


Some people think when a youngster thinks about suicide, it should be ignored . But the truth is that it should be taken as a serious matter. Mental health problems like anxiety and depression and any substance abuse can let youth to become suicidal. 


Some key suicidal risk factors are -

  • A psychiatric disorder or any mood disorder like depression or any trauma .
  • Alcohol or any other substance consumption
  • Struggling with their sexual identity in a community that is not supportive.
  • Feeling worthless or having low esteem.


The employment landscape for youth is fraught with challenges, including underemployment , low wages and job insecurity, working unacceptably long hours under informal and insecure work arrangements , working below their potential in low paid and low skilled jobs . Employment is not only about financial independence . It’s about building a fulfilling and satisfying  life and contributing to society . In India , the employment system is often reliant on connections or government opportunities. Career counseling ,  vocational training and internship opportunities can provide youngsters with the skills they need to navigate the job market . Youth is forwarding to developed nations for fulfilling their demands and luxuries.


Young people face a unique set of challenges. Mental health promotion involves creating an environment that promotes healthy living and encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle . Understanding the challenges is the first step towards solving them . With awareness and action , the youth can not only navigate these challenges but also create a future that is more sustainable for everyone .