MG India is celebrating the success of Hector sales by contributing to the girl education 

MG Motor is contributing donations to nurture the girl child education across the country

MG Hector which was launched in India on June 27 this year is making its move towards serving the society by supporting the girl education.

MG Motor India has collaborated with an NGO namely Iimpact for its noble work, Iimpact is working to provide the young girls with quality education. Basically, they operate in the rural areas where the education for the youth is in far reach.

The company is contributing donations to nurture the girl child education across the country. The carmakers promised to expand the support along with its growing business.

The famous carmaker has adopted 30 learning centers across the country to start its operations to empower girl child with education.

You can expect to see an increase in the number gradually as the company is further willing to expand the support with its growing success in India.

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In an interview the President and Managing Director of MG India, Rajeev Chaba said “As responsible corporate citizens, MG India and Iimpact share a common vision of supporting, providing access to women to support themselves and transform their lives and the community around them. Educating and empowering the girl child is amongst the most impactful ways of doing so. With Iimpact, the focus is on girls hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, as they work towards creating a better future for themselves. The initiative also enables owners of MG vehicles to contribute to and support a critical cause and become MGChangemakers," 

Well, this is the perfect move that is actually needed in the society, empowering the girl education with quality is what many people in India would expect from the Government and from the responsible business heads.

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