Amul and Verka announce higher milk prices in Haryana and Punjab; Check the new prices

Amul and Verka reportedly made the decision to hike the prices of milk to keep up with the increasing cost of production due to the heat.

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As the polls for Lok Sabha elections 2024 conclude, there has been a sudden increase in the prices of milk. Amul milk has become costlier by Rs 2 per liter across the country, including Haryana. In Punjab, along with Amul, Milk Fed's Verka has also increased the price of milk by Rs 2.

The main reason for the increase in rates is believed to be increasing heat. Apart from Amul and Verka, Mother Dairy's milk is also sold in Punjab. In Haryana, apart from government Vita, milk is supplied by other companies along with Amul.

According to Verka officials, considering the season, it was decided to increase the price by Rs 2 per liter. The price increase is due to an increase in procurement costs during summer. The intense heat causes decline in milk production, resulting in increased cost of raw milk. The old rates of lassi, curd, and ice cream will remain the same. There has been no change in these.

New rates of Verka milk

(Package: Price)

  • 500 ML (Full Cream): Rs 34
  • 1 liter (full cream): Rs 68
  • 2 liters (full cream): Rs 134
  • 6 liters (full cream): Rs 392
  • 500 ML (Standard Milk): Rs 31
  • 1 liter (standard milk): Rs 62
  • 2 liter (standard milk): Rs 122
  • 6 liters (standard milk): Rs 356
  • 500 ML (Double Toned): Rs 25

Not only Verka but Amul milk rates were also increased due to increase in cost. Amul has said that milk prices are being increased due to increase in operation and production costs. An increase of Rs 2 per liter means that the MRP will increase by 3-4%.

Amul has increased the prices of milk after 15 months. Earlier in February 2023, there was an increase of Rs 3 per liter. Regarding increasing the prices of milk, Amul had said, 'Compared to last year, the price of animal feed itself has increased by about 20%.