In a bizarre incident, a woman stole a Police patrol car in front of them after they allegedly left the keys in the car. The bizarre incident took place in Missouri, United States when the St. Charles woman stole the North County Police Cooperative patrol car and rammed it into a tree. To be precise, the incident took place in the 3000 block of Capehart Drive in Velda Village Hills where the Police were allegedly called for reports that the woman was acting erratically in the area. Now, the Velda Village North County Police video has been doing rounds on social media with netizens taking a dig at the cops. In fact, Velda Village North County Police viral video incident is being compared to one of the famous games 'Grand Theft Auto' (GTA).

In the Velda Village North County Police patrol car video, it can be seen the woman sitting on the ground and behaving like she is trying to find something. While the woman was seen behaving strangely and trying to find something, the two cops were seen standing surrounding her. However, the woman then stands up and started running towards the North County Police patrol car. The woman opened the North County Police patrol car's door and tried to flee from the spot, however, the cops tried to stop her. Ultimately, the woman stole the car in front of the cops and later she rammed into a tree.

Watch North County Police patrol car woman steal video

As per a US media report, the woman has been identified as Kiiaundra Brown, 27, and is currently facing felony counts of property damage and stealing a motor vehicle. Furthermore, the reports say that the officers waited for EMS to arrive, court document allege she ran from officers and got into a North County Police Cooperative patrol vehicle. Police say Brown then started the vehicle, a 2022 Nissan Altima, and crashed it into a tree before placing it into reverse and jumping out of the car. The car then struck another tree.

Netizens take a dig at North County Police

After the video went viral, one user wrote, "GTA Style"

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Another user wrote, "I’m choking I’m laughing so hard!"

"No way to recover from the clowning they are gonna receive at the precinct especially with it being captured on video" wrote another user.

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