PM Modi to address last rally of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 campaign in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur, details inside

PM Modi after addressing the people of Hoshiarpur will leave for Kanyakumari

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The Lok Sabha Elections will be entering into the 7th and last phase on 1st June 2024. The results of LS Polls will be announced on 4th June. All political parties are utilizing these last 2 days and campaigning with full enthusiasm. For the same PM Modi also visited Punjab on 23rd May 2024.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will again be visiting Punjab today. Asp er information received; PM Modi will be addressing the last rally of Lok Sabha Election 2024 in Hoshiarpur on 30th May 2024. The rally of PM Modi in Hoshiarpur will commence from 11 am. For the unversed, PM Modi landed in Adampur airport at 10: 30 in the morning. He then from a chopper will be going to the designated place for rally.

There is also information, that PM Modi after addressing the people of Hoshiarpur will leave for Kanyakumari. He will be staying in Kanyakumari and meditating there till 1st June 2024. During his stay in Kanyakumari, PM Modi will be at the Rock Memorial’s Dhyan Mandapam. PM Modi made similar trips during elections in 2014 and 2019.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh recently commented on PM Modi going for a meditation trip. He stated, "Remember that Rahul Gandhi started his Bharat Jodo Yatra on 7th September 2022. Now the current Prime Minister is going to start his retired life journey from the same place." When the information of PM Modi meditating at the Rock Memorial’s Dhyan Mandapam of Kanyakumari came out, opposition didn’t fear away from criticizing. Tamil Nadu Congress leader K. Selvaperunthagai stated that this ‘meditation drama’ of PM Modi is not only an insult to Tamil Nadu but to whole nation. He further added that PM Modi can stoop to any level to maintain his political power.

Earlier, when PM Modi addressed the Patiala rally for around 30 minutes, he listed the works done by the Central Government for the people of Punjab. He also promised various thing to the people of Punjab if BJP government come to power. During his rally in Jalandhar, PM Modi made 5 big promises to the people.

  • PM Modi promised the people of Jalandhar to make the city a center of sports once again and eradicate issues like drug trafficking or drug business issues. 
  • PM Modi promised the Jalandharites that he would work in a way that youths of Jalandhar get jobs in their village and they don't need to go somewhere else away from their families. 
  • PM Modi further promised that his government will work to increase flight services from the newly inaugurated Adampur Airport. 
  • PM Modi further promised that more cities of Punjab will get Vande Bharat Express. 
  • Last but not least, PM Modi promised senior citizens above 70, that their medical checkups along with other costs will be made free of costs if the BJP government is voted to power.