Fact Check: Did PM Modi ignore US President Joe Biden during G7 summit? Know the truth

PM Modi allegedly ignores a POTUS Joe Biden reaching out to shake his hand, fueling rumors of a diplomatic snub.

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During the G7 summit in Italy from June 13 to 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence stood out, as India is not a member of the G7 countries. This indicated India's increasing engagement in global affairs.

A video from the summit has gained widespread attention and sparked controversy on social media. The video purportedly shows PM Modi disregarding a person reaching out to shake his hand, with claims that it was US President Joe Biden. The narrative gained momentum as users shared the video, suggesting a diplomatic snub.

One particular user, Dilip Singh, shared the video, alleging that PM Modi intentionally ignored President Biden. However, a search for the full video provided clarity. The viral clip is actually part of a longer, high-quality video available on Firstpost's YouTube channel.

Is the Viral Video False? 

Upon reviewing the complete context of the video, recorded on June 15 during the G7 summit's final day, it becomes evident that the individual believed to be President Biden was, in fact, a staff member assisting with logistics. This debunks the idea that PM Modi ignored the US President. This misunderstanding highlights the challenges of misinformation on social media and underscores the importance of fact-checking before drawing conclusions.

The allegations of PM Modi disregarding President Biden are false. The individual in question was a staff member providing assistance, not the US President.

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