'Modi's invincible aura stripped': How foreign media including BBC & Washington Post reacted to Lok Sabha Election Results?

The BJP-led NDA bagged 294 seats out of 543 crossing the magical figure of 272 needed to form the government, meaning Narendra Modi returning to power if all goes well.

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The Lok Sabha Elections Results 2024 was announced on Tuesday with BJP emerging as the single largest party. The BJP-led NDA bagged 294 seats out of 543 crossing the magical figure of 272 needed to form the government. The Congress-led INDIA alliance also performed relatively well, winning 234 seats, 38 less than the majority mark. The Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 turned out to be a disaster for the BJP as the saffron could not reach the majority mark, leaving alone the 'Abki Baar 400 Paar' clarion call of PM Modi. As a result, the BJP called an urgent meeting of the NDA alliance in New Delhi on Wednesday, while the Congress called the INDIA bloc's meeting in the National Capital. There are murmurs that the opposition alliance is trying to woo Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and other winning independent candidates so that it can stop Narendra Modi from returning to power. To woo the Bihar CM, the INDIA bloc has reportedly offered the Deputy PM post to him. Keeping the politics aside, the question arises how the foreign media react to PM Modi's victory in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024? 

1) Aljazeera

Qatar government-funded media house Aljazeera fired news with the headline, 'Modi’s BJP loses majority in India election shock, needs allies for gov’t'. The news piece reads, "Modi and his party are still likely to be able to form India’s next government – but will be dependent on a clutch of allies whose support they will need to cross the 272-seat mark. The BJP with its allies, in a coalition known as the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), won 283 seats."

2) Washington Post

American daily newspaper and website, Washington Post or The Post called NDA's Lok Sabha Elections 2024 victory as, "Indian election delivers stunning setback to Modi and his party." In its report, The Post said, "Idian voters have delivered an unexpected repudiation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership as electoral tallies Tuesday showed his Hindu nationalist party falling short of a majority in Parliament, piercing the aura of invincibility around the most dominant Indian politician in decades."

3) New York Times

Another reputed US portal, New York Times reported, "Modi Claims 3rd Term in India, but His Party Suffers Losses". The writeup says, "Suddenly, the aura of invincibility around Narendra Modi has been shattered. In an Indian election in which his party’s slogan had promised a landslide victory and Mr. Modi even repeatedly referred to himself as sent by God, the results announced on Tuesday were unexpectedly sobering."

4) Financial Times

British portal which published reports on Adani before the Lok Sabha Elections published a writeup on NDA's victory with the headline, "India election strips Narendra Modi of his ‘aura of invincibility’". The writeup reads, "The shock result leaves Modi in a weakened position from which to tackle the enormous economic challenges facing India and to undertake the difficult reforms needed to help the world’s most populous country secure its status as a rising global power."

5) BBC

British media outlet fired a news with the headline, "Why India's Modi failed to win outright majority." The write-up said, "The results are a personal blow to Mr Modi, who has always secured majorities in elections as both chief minister of Gujarat state and India’s prime minister, and dominated the country's politics for a decade."