Modi and Trump pledge to boost bilateral ties

They exchanged New Year greetings in a telephonic conversation

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New Delhi: In a telephonic conversation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US President Donald Trump exchanged New Year greetings on Monday evening. Both the leaders expressed their satisfaction regarding the progress in India-US strategic partnership in 2018.

"They appreciated developments such as the launch of the new 2+2 Dialogue mechanism and the first-ever Trilateral Summit of India, the U.S. and Japan," a statement said. The two leaders took positive note of growing bilateral cooperation in defence, counter-terrorism and energy and coordination on regional and global issues.

Both Mr Modi and Mr Trump agreed to continue to work together for strengthening the India-U.S. bilateral relations in 2019. Meanwhile, the White House statement said, “The leaders agreed to strengthen the U.S-India strategic partnership in 2019 and exchanged perspectives on how to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with India, expand security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific, and increase cooperation in Afghanistan".