“If Modi wins, Amit Shah will be PM…”: Arvind Kejriwal’s speech after bail from Tihar jail in 10 points

In his 21-minute speech, Arvind Kejriwal pointed out that PM Modi will be turning 75 next year, hence if BJP retires him per tradition, Amit Shah will be PM.

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who came out on bail from Tihar Jail after 39 days, gave his first election speech in the party office. His 21-minute speech was full of bold claims about Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with topics of dictatorship, corruption, country and opposition alliance. In his speech, he pointed out that PM Modi will be turning 75 in September next year which raises the question, will BJP retire like him LK Advani? Moreover he said that “if PM Modi retires than Amit Shah will be made PM, who will fulfil “Modi ki Guarantee” then?”


He further went on to say that Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi ji will be removed from the post within two months of government formation. Kejriwal also claimed that all the opposition leaders, including Mamata Banerjee, Tejasvi Yadav will be jailed. Kejriwal said that Modi has a “dangerous mission” of “one nation, one leader” propelling the country towards a dictatorship. Here is Arvind Kejriwal’s 21-minute speech in 10 points.



1.  Aam Aadmi Party


Arvind Kejriwal talked about AAP saying that “Aam Aadmi Party completed 10 years. There is government in two states. The Prime Minister left no stone unturned to crush and end it. Together the top 4 leaders of our party Manish Sisodia, Satyendar Jain, Sanjay Singh and I were sent to jail. They thought the party would be over. But AAP is an ideology, the more we think of ending it, the more it grows.”


2. On BJP's policy

Kejriwal commented on BJP leader’s questionable records, saying “The Prime Minister included the country's biggest thieves and dacoits in his party. The person who is said to have committed a scam of Rs 70 crore is made a minister and deputy CM. They say they are fighting corruption. You keep thieves and thieves in your party and say that you are fighting corruption. Don't consider the country a child.”


3. Regarding corruption

He called out the PM on Corruption in India. Kejriwal said, “Prime Minister, learn the fight against corruption from Kejriwal. When the government was formed in 2015, the audio of our minister went viral. Nobody knew. Was demanding Rs 5 lakh from the shopkeeper. I myself handed over the minister to CBI. In Punjab, Mann Saheb (Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann) sent his minister to jail because he was involved in corruption."


4. To the INDIA Alliance

He called PM Modi’s recent action akin to a dictatorship. “PM has started the mission. One Nation-One Leader. Modi ji wants to eliminate all the leaders of the country. All opposition leaders will be sent to jail. All BJP leaders will be eliminated. If they win the elections, then get it written that after a few days Mamata, Tejashwi, Stalin, Vijayan, Uddhav and all the opposition leaders will be in jail” he said.


5. Regarding dictatorship

Further commenting on dictatorship, he said that “Modi ji ended the politics of Advani, Murli Manohar, Sumitra Mahajan, Shivraj, Vasundhara Raje, Khattar, Raman Singh. Next is Yogi Adityanath. If we win the elections, we will change the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh within 2 months. This is dictatorship. One Nation-One Leader. They want that only one dictator will survive within the country.”


6. Regarding democracy

Kejriwal shared his views on the threat to democracy in India, saying that “Today a dictator wants to eliminate democracy from the country. I am fighting against that dictator with all my heart and soul. I want the support of 140 crore people. Today I have come to beg from you. Save my country. Save my country from this dictatorship.”


7. On Modi's retirement

Calling into question PM Modi’s future as a Prime Minister, Kejriwal said “These people ask the India alliance who will be their Prime Minister. I ask BJP who will be your Prime Minister? Modi ji will be there, no Modi ji is turning 75 on 17th September next year. Within BJP, Modi ji himself had made a rule that whoever is 75 years old within BJP will be retired. Advani, Joshi, Sumitra Mahajan, Yashwant Sinha were retired. Modi ji is going to retire on 17th September next year. I ask BJP who will be the PM?”


8. Regarding Shah-Yogi


Kejriwal claimed that Modi will retire than Amit Shah will be made Prime Minister. “If Modi government is formed again at the Centre, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh will dispose of Yogiji within 2 months. We will make Amit Shah the Prime Minister, that is why we are asking for votes. I want to ask who will fulfill Modi's guarantee” he said.


9. Regarding election results

Kejriwal claimed that BJP’s influence is dwindling in the country and BJP government will not be formed. He said “My assessment is that Modi government will not be formed after June 4. Their seats are decreasing everywhere. AAP government will be made and will give full state status to Delhi.” He further said that the Lieutenant General (LG) of Delhi will be from Delhi only taking a swipe at the current LG of Delhi Vinai Kumar Saxena, who is not from Delhi.


10. Regarding his own resignation


Talking about whether he will resign, Kejriwal said, “I will not resign. I will fight against them. Kejriwal was never greedy for any post. I do not want to make Chief Minister or Prime Minister. Left the job of Income Tax Commissioner and worked in the slums. When he became CM for the first time, he resigned within 49 days for the sake of principles. Today, no one leaves the job of a peon.”


Arvind Kejriwal Interim Bail:


The Supreme Court on Friday gave interim bail to the AAP convenor till June 1 with some conditions. Kejriwal spent over 50 days in Tihar Jail after being arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in an excise policy case on March 21.