While multiple genres of documentary and real-life stories are available on Netflix, it was Money shot: The Pornhub Story that was much-awaited. The reason is apparent. It is for the first time, Netflix has brought the unseen and unknown reality of the adult industry from the prism of the leading adult content website pornhub. Money shot: The Pornhub Story was released on Netflix on March 15, 2023; ever since then, it has been buzzing worldwide. In fact, Money shot: The Pornhub Story is among the top 10 most-watched documentaries in multiple countries including India. For the unversed, Money shot: The Pornhub Story depicts the journey of how a small adult content creation firm in Canada, went on to become a billion-dollar company. Not only this, Money shot: The Pornhub Story also gave an insight into the time when it was shaken by controversies that accused the website of trafficking and including non-consensual content. Interestingly, Money shot: The Pornhub Story also points out how one can professionally apply in the industry.

Noelle Perdue, who is a professional and part of the adult content website opened up about how she got the job at pornhub. Noelle Perdue's experience has been shown in the recently released Netflix documentary. Interestingly, there is a perception that adult content does not have a story or script, however, the reality is totally different. Noelle Perdue in the Netflix documentary revealed that she simply googled how to be a porn script writer on Google. Noelle Perdue also pointed out that at first she did not know that adult content script writing is a job, however, when she googled it, there was a vacancy at pornhub or let's say 'MindGeek'. For the unversed, MindGeek is the parent company of pornhub. To be precise, MindGeek has a number of adult companies. Pornhub is its main platform. Brazzers does production. And there are a host of other tube sites like Redtube or Xtube that are owned under the Mindgeek umbrella.

Money shot: The Pornhub Story has been buzzing among the fans as it is for the first time, people around the world are coming to know what goes behind the scene of an adult creation website. However, pornhub failure to censor non-consensual content including teenagers have been properly highlighted. Although the professionals of pornhub say that the category teen does not mean that underage people are creating adult content, it is just like the body or face type, not the age. However, pornhub came under legal trouble in Canada when New York Times stated that there are multiple sexual abuse victims whose videos were available on the website. Not only this, Pornhub generated millions of dollars in revenue by running advertisements on it. After the backlash from people around the world and the Candian government, the adult content website reportedly deleted almost 10 million videos from its website.

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Pornhub traffic

Interestingly, going by the documentary, pornhub traffic is in billions per month. Meaning, that adult content gets more traffic than Netflix, Amazon, and even many social medias. The traffic skyrocketed during COVID when the adult website demonetized its premium content for people around the world where 'lockdown' was enforced.

Cutting long things short, for those interested to know what goes behind the scene of the adult industry and its technicalities of it, Money shot: The Pornhub Story is a muct-watch on Netflix.

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