A money is on the loose in Sector 15 A, Noida, after he escaped from an animal ambulance, freeing himself and several other dogs from captivity.

The Rhesus monkey has since then returned to his favourite haunt in Sector 15 A. He is known to be harmless to humans, so the RWA of Sector 15 A has issued an advisory to the residents not to hurt him.

As per the circular issued by the RWA, one trained monkey, who was obviously living with one of the street performers, is roaming around in the Sector.

"Yesterday, Arti Chopra helped in getting him rescued as he was performing tricks in the park to please people and to be fed. Till last night, he had no fear or hostility with humans and was going up and shaking hands and performing tricks to please people. After receiving the alert from Arti Chopra, we called the animal ambulance to take away the unfortunate creature to the shelter, but on the way there, he opened the bolts of the ambulance doors, let himself and several dogs out of the ambulance, and came back to the Sector," the RWA circular said.

Early on Saturday morning, he was hit badly by some person who obviously was not aware of his human-friendly nature and the monkey now has an injured hand.

The RWA executive has arranged for a Simian expert with the animal shelter to visit the Sector to try to capture him.

"In the meanwhile, we are requesting the residents not to hurt the monkey as he is harmless. The team of catchers will be here soon," the circular added.

Source : IANS

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