Mournful day in Bollywood industry; Another Actor lost her brother

On Tuesday, actress Pia Bajpiee, who has appeared in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films, lost her brother to the coronavirus. In Uttar Pradesh, she had been unable to find a hospital bed.

Actress Pia Bajpiee lost her brother just hours after she requested emergency medical assistance for him. In Farrukabad, Uttar Pradesh, Pia's brother needed urgent medical attention and a hospital bed with a ventilator.

Pia tweeted early Tuesday morning, "I need urgent help in district Farukhabad , kayamganj block .UP.. a bed wd ventilator brother is dying ..any lead plz Plz Contact if u know anybody -9415191852 Abhishek.. we are already in mess.”

She added, "plz call only if u know anyone ..we are already in mess. Plz.”

Later she wrote on Twitter, "my brother is no more…"

Pia sent out several tweets, tagging various volunteers and political figures, from the time she first requested support until his death. She also encouraged them to call her or share a phone number where she could reach her.

Many of her industry peers, including Vineet Kumar Singh, filmmakers Nila Madhab Panda, Guneet Monga, and Onir, among others, left condolence messages on her post.

As India battles the second wave of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Pia has been assisting several. Over the last few weeks, she has been amplifying many distress calls on social media.

She shared a throwback photo on Instagram last month to discuss the importance of avoiding one's urges during difficult times.

She wrote, ”#throwback we can’t always control the events that happen in our life.sometime u need to surrender ur desire to force a situation to happen ur way.let go & allow divine intervention to take the day u wl look back n realise why things needed to happen the way they did”.