Facing opposition from the right-wing groups and many people, veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah released his book 'Naseer-ka-Najeer-Aur Phir Ek Din, a Hindi translation of his book 'And Then One Day'. Though he decided to give the Ajmer Literature Festival(ALF) a miss, he posted a video message on his behalf.

According to reports, Naseeruddin Shah attended a closed doors session held in Pushkar moderated by Urdu writer Saif Mohammad, where he did readings from his books.

“Several others have expressed similar concerns but only I am being called a traitor, my effigies are being burnt and I was sent a ticket to go to Pakistan. If I criticise my country, it is indeed very painful for me. It doesn't make me happy. But, If I see something wrong, it becomes my duty to speak up. It is my homeland, it is my home and I am concerned for the future of this nation,” said the veteran actor on the right-wing activits' criticism of the former's statements.

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