The bodybuilding fraternity went into shock after Neil Currey died at the mere age of 34. Neil Currey's death was confirmed by fellow bodybuilding star Milos Sarcev, from Serbia. Notably, Neil Currey was born in the UK, qualified for the 2022 edition of Mr. Olympia, and finished 16th in the Classic Physique category. He was a star bodybuilder in the making. Milos called Neil Currey's death heartbreaking news and in his post, he wrote, "My last/best memory of him was this smiling face after he won New York Pro and fulfilled his lifetime dream of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia. I am lost for words and filled with pain and sadness." It is pertinent to mention here that this is the third or fourth high-profile death in the bodybuilding community. Now, netizens and the British bodybuilder's followers are puzzled and wondering what is Neil Currey's death reason or what happened to Neil Currey. Below is what we know so far-

Neil Currey's cause of death

It is pertinent to mention here that Neil Currey's official death reason has not been revealed it and his family are keeping it under wraps. However, a few users on social media alleged that Neil Currey might have died due to suicide, which True Scoop News cannot confirm it. A user reacting to Neil Currey's death wrote on social media, "poor dude died from taking his own life, rest in peace,” while a fan rightfully pointed out, “For all the uneducated people in this thread, there is a huge list of people who did not take steroids who have committed suicide. Let’s not push some agenda here in the midst of tragedy.”

True Scoop News reiterates that it cannot confirm Neil Currey's cause of death as it has been kept under wraps.

Who was Neil Currey?

As per British media reports, Neil Currey made his bodybuilding debut during the 2017 World Championships when he finished fifth in the pro muscle category. He moved to the NPC level the very next year and finished first during the NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia Italy competitions, earning his Pro Card. The 34-year-old bodybuilder became a Classic Physique competitor at the IFBB level, making his debut in 2019 with a seventh place finish at the Kuwait Pro. He made an appearance on some of the biggest stages in the sport, such as the Tampa and Pittsburgh Pro competitions. In 2022, Currey won gold at the New York Pro and punched his ticket to his first Olympia competition.

What did netizens say?

A user wrote, "so f*cking saddened to hear neil currey is gone. absolutely gorgeous physique. i remember learning that we were nearly the same age - it made me so jealous he looked like THAT as i continued to spin my'ing can f*ck with your head bad. take care of yourselves, fellas."

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Another user wrote, "Man... what the heck is happening to all these young guys. Neil Currey Death – According to reports, Neil Currey died from an apparent suicide in a car accident on Monday, September 11, 2023. The UK celebrated fitness coach was pronounced dead earlier today at the scene of the incident."

Another user wrote, "This is a reminder that mental health is just as important as physical health."

One more user wrote, "Can we stop speculating around the cause of his death! Everyone is making so much about."

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