The Nepal Plane crash tragedy has shocked the entire world. 68 passengers on board lost their life after when a Yeti Airlines passenger plane with 72 people on board, including five Indians, crashed into a river gorge while landing at the newly opened airport in central Nepal's resort city of Pokhara. As soon as Nepal Plane Crash tragedy shocked the world, multiple videos and photos went viral on social media. Now, another footage has broken the heart of the world. Yeti Airlines' air hostess TikTok video has been breaking the internet. Reportedly, the Yeti Airlines Airhostess made a TikTok video before the passenger flight crashed and took 68 lives.

As per reports, the Yeti Airlines' air hostess named Oshin Magar made a TikTok video inside the flight before it was about to take off. In the Nepal Plane Crash airhostess video, it can be seen Oshin making a TikTok clip on the tunes of Pehla Nasha of Aamir Khan. Oshin Ale Magar was among 72 people who died in the tragic plane crash in Nepal on Sunday. As per a newswire, Oshin promised her family that she would return from Pokhara after work so they could enjoy the Sankranti festival, and left on Sunday. Her father Mohan Ale Magar, a retired Indian Army soldier, recalled telling his daughter early in the morning not to go to work on a special day.

Notably, on Monday, a Facebook Live video shot by an Indian also went viral. In the Nepal Plane Crash viral video, it was seen an Indian happily recorded himself. The flyer then pans his camera towards the window to show the view. However, soon a massive thud can be heard and people started to scream and then everything gets blurred in the recording. Notably, there were five Indian passengers on board, all of whom were from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. One of them, Sonu Jaiswal, was apparently doing a Facebook Live shortly before the flight crashed. He is among the dead. The same video is found on his Facebook account, which is unverified. As per a news website, Abhishek Pratap Shah, a former MP of Nepal and Central committee member of the Nepali Congress sent the video footage and stated that he received the video from a friend and it was recovered from the wreckage.

Nepal Plane Crash Reason

Nepal Plane Crash Inside Video: Facebook Live By Indian Flyer Shows Horrific Footage, Watch

Reports suggest that the pilot of the aircraft struggled for nearly 40 minutes in the air before the crash took place. According to the graph, it has been revealed that the Nepal aircraft rose to a peak altitude of almost 1,24,900 feet with a track angle of 20 degrees and 78 kts ground speed before it nosedived in western Nepal's Pokhara. Notably, the altitude at which the aircraft was flying was unnatural as commercial aircraft typically fly between 31,000 and 38,000 feet high. However, the exact reason for the plane crash has not been revealed yet as the black box has not been recovered so far. Notably, the reason for the crash could only be ascertained after the recovery of the black box.

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