Netflix to launch Free Ad-Supported Service in select Asian and European markets

Big news has come out for the users. Reports surfaced about it, claiming that the company may soon launch a free service.

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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide. The company has implemented various strategies to expand its user base, such as cracking down on password sharing and introducing an ad-supported plan. However, it has also raised prices for other plans to increase revenue.

Reports have surfaced claiming that the company may soon launch a free service. With its help, users will be able to view content for free, though they will be shown ads for it. This plan will be released in select markets. Currently, the company sells ad-supported plans in many regions. 

According to the reports, the video streaming platform is considering introducing a free plan for the Asian and European markets. Even before this, many TV networks offered free plans.
Along with this, users will now get free access to Netflix.

For information, let us know that the company has done this before. The company introduced a free plan for Android smartphone users in Kenya in 2021, which was discontinued a year later.
Now there are reports that this new plan may be launched in Asia and Europe.

The company's initial plan for mobile users in India is Rs. 149. The basic plan comes with a monthly charge of Rs. 199. Apart from this, other plans worth Rs 499 and Rs 649 are also available.