A new fashion to glorify the corrupt: PM Modi calls out 'Khan Market gang'

PM Modi also expressed dismay over a recent trend, which he said, was the glorification of the corrupt.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday came down heavily on those objecting to crack down on big fish of corruption rackets and called out the 'Khan Market gang' for scripting a fake narrative to save them from the grip of law.

PM Modi, speaking exclusively to IANS, said that, unlike earlier regimes, not the small players but big fish and perpetrators are being brought to book under his watch and this was breaking the backs of their masters.

"The same people who earlier cried foul over no action on big players have started crying hoarse about it," he added.

PM Modi also expressed dismay over a recent trend, which he said, was the glorification of the corrupt.

"Earlier, people used to stay 100 steps away from the convicted or even those with any corruption taint but today there is a tendency to support and rally behind them," PM Modi said.

PM Modi, further speaking to IANS, explained how his government questioned in 2019 for going slow on the corrupt and shady practices, has ensured the prosecution of big fish and racketeers and also stated that this has triggered a wave of protests and backlash from certain sections of Opposition.

"The same people who demanded that Sonia Gandhi be put behind bars are crying hoarse over action against corruption," PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister also explained that the action against the corrupt and the dishonest was based on facts and evidence, and not on perception.

"Before the 2019 elections, we were questioned over our stand and action on graft and why the government was not quick on punishing the perpetrators. Our outright response was that Independent agencies will act against them and it will be done based on facts. Officials worked hard to gather the facts and today, big players are being caught and brought to justice," PM Modi pointed out.

"It is the Independent investigative agency which apprehends the accused, and it is the judiciary which decides on his conviction or trial. The Prime Minister has no role in this," PM Modi said in a stern response to the fake narrative by the 'Khan Market gang'.