Despite multiple awareness campaigns, racism does not seem to be lower in the United States of America, and the most recent incident took place at the prestigious Rowan University of Glassboro, New Jersey. On September 11, three white youths allegedly outsiders sneaked into Rowan University in the wee hours and wrote racial slurs on the doors where a black freshman lived. The Rowan University racism incident has fumed the netizens on social media and therefore people are coming out to narrate their own ordeal they faced at the same university. In fact, Rowan University racism video is spreading like a wildfire on social media.

In the Rowan University racism viral video, three youths can be seen trying to pull out a misdeed irrespective of the fact that they are under CCTV surveillance. While the two others laughed and looked here and there, one of them can be seen writing on the door of a black freshman. As per US media reports, a trio of outsiders stopped at the door where a Black freshman lived, and one began writing a racial slur while the others watched. Furthermore, cameras near the victim’s door in the sprawling Holly Pointe Commons dorm captured the entire act on the outskirts of the South Jersey campus.

Watch Rowan University racism viral video

Reportedly, Rowan Police Detective Sgt. Greg M. Farrar was quoted by US media saying that tensions are prevailing at the campus where Black students are 10% of the nearly 20,000 students. The Police said that was because the men said they did not know the race of the person living at that dorm room. Two of the suspects were given trespassing warnings from Rowan, and the man who wrote the slur, Alston Willis, was charged with harassment, a disorderly offense. In fact, Willis, 19, of Wenonah, said that he identified as African American.

Netizens share their only experience of racism on Rowan University

After the video went viral, one user wrote, "Hi @skaijackson I know you’ve posted before about a Rowan university student wearing black face. My sister was hate crime A MONTH ago and no one did anything. A shame."

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Another user wrote, "@RowanUniversity time and time AGAIN, you’ve given promises of change & justice. Here you are AGAIN, seeing this video of a discriminatory act happening, & you do NOTHING. He got a WARNING for trespassing. A WARNING. Yeah, try again bookie. This isn’t looking hot."

"not even an apology or acknowledgement of the black student that this happened to, we definitely see where your priorities lie. & it’s nice to know that any “visitor” can come on campus and do whatever racist thing they can think of without repercussions. very safe & inclusive," added another user.

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