A new trend is emerging among Americans suffering from pockets induced by Corona and getting married after two or three delays and cancellations. The bride and groom are seeking money instead of the wedding present.

Katherine Howe and Patrick Walsh had all they needed for their April 17 wedding. But he didn't have enough funds to purchase a new home. That's why he wrote on the invitation written: “Come to the wedding, enjoy the food, eat the sweets, and if you feel kind, offer cash to help the newlyweds buy their first home.”

In other words, they need funds and have no worries about requesting them. Putting the need in front of you is preferable to receiving too many undesired gifts, according to Walsh. Although taking money as a gift has long been a tradition in American society, it is not considered acceptable to ask for it publicly, according to Jody Smith, CEO of an etiquette organization. However, this is no longer the case.

The practice of asking for money at a wedding has increased by 10% in the first three months of 2022 compared to the same period last year, according to wedding planning and registry website Knott.

Easy to use payment app:

Another website, Jolla, began offering a cash fund option in 2020. Newlyweds might use this to request funds for house renovations, pet adoption, and global travel. This feature has been simplified thanks to mobile payment apps. The couple, who live in Manhattan, used this to allow guests to transfer Gift Cash straight to their bank accounts via the app.

He said the guests found it irresistible. This helps them to quickly grasp the couple's preferences. In addition to transferring cash, Birdie, a mobile payment service, is also offering the ability to send digital cards. They will be able to send personalized messages as a result of this.

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