New twist in Patiala girl's death; not Kanha but THIS bakery allegedly sent birthday cake

A few days back, a 10-year-old girl passed away after eating her birthday cake ordered from a bakery in Patiala via Zomato.

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In a major twist in the death of Patiala girl after eating her own birthday cake, it has been revealed that the bakery from which the family had ordered the cake turned out to be fake. As per reports, the cake was not sent from Kanha Bakery but from New India Bakery. The owner of New India Bakery had got Kanha Bakery registered. The fresh development in the death of Patiala girl came to light after ordering a cake from the same bakery. The whole truth came out after catching the agent who had come to make the delivery. Police have registered a case against four people including the bakery owner.


As per reports, New India Bakery manager Ranjeet, employees -- Pawan and Vijay have been arrested. The bakery owner is absconding. The police are searching for him.  Not only this, but the Food delivery app Zomato also removed the restaurant from its platform. The company also barred the restaurant owner from operating any entities on Zomato in the future. 


As per reports, a 10-year-old girl reportedly passed away after eating a birthday cake ordered from a restaurant named ‘Cake Kanha’. The cake, which was consumed by other members of the family, also made them unwell. Following the incident, police lodged a case under Sections 273 (selling harmful food or drink) and 304-A (causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


The cake was ordered online on March 24, at around 6 PM, after which it was cut by the family members at around 7 PM. Later into the night, the children started vomiting with the younger 8-year-old vomiting the cake out of her system, while the elder sibling, foamed at the mouth according to the parents. Following the harrowing incident the family went to sleep however at around 4 AM the next morning, the family found the elder child’s body cold to the touch. Panicking they rushed her to the hospital, where the doctors declared her dead.


A copy of the receipt of the cake which was ordered by the deceased girl’s mother, Kajal shows that there is no shop named “Cake Kanha” at the registered address in Patiala; but is instead a "cloud kitchen". Additionally, another original receipt invoice shows billing from Amritsar, not Patiala.