In the latest development, an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude hit New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands on 16th March 2023, US Geological Survey confirmed through a tweet. The earthquake was estimated to be of high intensity and was estimated at a depth of 10km.

Till now no casualty has been reported from the earthquake hit Kermadec region. For the unversed, the Kermadec Islands lie northeast of Wellington, New Zealand’s capital. New Zealand is a country prone to earthquakes being located on the boundary of two major tectonic plates of the world namely Pacific Plate and the Australian Plate.

The US Geological Survey in a tweet wrote, “Notable quake, preliminary info: M 7.1 - Kermadec Islands region.”

Apart from this, the US Tsunami Warning System has also issued a tsunami warning post the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Till now, there is no tsunami threat to Australia, country’s Bureau of Meteorology said in a tweet.

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