The National Investigation Agency yesterday conducted raids at 60 locations across the whole of North India of all the top-notch gangsters. With the sudden activeness of NIA in the case, everyone rose the question that why such a big operation is being carried out suddenly.

A special input that was received by the Central Investigating Agency revealed that terrorists have been using their networks with the gangsters to carry out the plans of target killings and bomb blasts in India. The same input was received by the Delhi and Punjab Police when they were carrying out an investigation in regard to the Sidhu Mossewala Murder Case.

Reportedly, more than 600 henchmen have been keeping an eye on all the terrorist activities across the border and all of them belong to the Lawrence and Bawana Gang. Not only abroad but the top-notch gangsters have a network inside the country itself and it is not very difficult for them to commit terrorist acts through these networks.

According to the reports, Lawrence and Neeraj Bawana gang have around 700 shooters each with which many big names like Jaggu Bhagwanpuria, Kala Rana and Kala Jathedi are also associated.

The main gangs in India that are Lawrence Gang, Syndicate and Bambiha Gang keep fighting for their supremacy and the other gangs take advantage of the same. Harvinder Rinda who is in Pakistan takes benefit of this rivalry and in the name of revenge provide them with weapons. In return for the weapons and funding, these gangsters get the drugs smuggled for them and this has become a major concern of the intelligence agencies.

Gangsters keep fighting for their supremacy. The biggest enmity is between Lawrence Syndicate and Bambiha Gang. A bloody game of revenge continues between them. Harvinder Rinda sitting in Pakistan, Lakhbir Singh Landa sitting in Canada, terrorists sitting in Malaysia and Australia made weapons. He instigates these two gangs for revenge. Then they provide weapons to kill each other. fund them. If needed, the gang members sit in Pakistan and Canada and get shelter here or in Saudi countries. In return, they also get them smuggling of drugs. This is the biggest concern of the intelligence agencies.

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