Nicki Minaj, 36, is happier than ever with boyfriend Kenneth Petty, 40, and she has been feeling like their relationship has everything it needs to be a successful one. In addition to a fantastic relationship till now, it looks like they have the deep emotional bonding that comes with a great love story.

 “Nicki and Kenneth are in that honeymoon stage where they literally can’t keep their hands off each other,” a source told. 
“The attraction between them is so strong you can practically see the sparks flying. And as all her Twitter fans know she not shy about admitting that they spend a whole lot of their time together in bed. but her relationship with Kenneth is way more than just sex, they are genuinely in love.”

That love among the couple has certainly shown recently and is one of the reasons Nicki Minaj feels the love for Kenneth is because of his maturity and ability to treat her the way she feels she should be treated.

 “Nicki is feeling so fulfilled by this relationship because Kenneth doesn’t play childish games or give her any reason to doubt him,” the source continued. “he made it very clear that he in love with her and that all Nicki wants. She a total romantic when it comes down to it, she wants the real thing with loyalty and lifelong love and she does feel she found that with Kenneth. They are very happy.”

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