Have you made the switch to a plant-based diet? Are you turning vegan? There are plenty of articles one can read on why a plant-based protein diet is healthy for you. Many celebrities, including comic Vir Das relies on plant protein based meat products for a healthier lifestyle.

In its recent campaign, UnCrave - the plant-based meat brand Licious unveiled comic, actor, and musician Vir Das as its Brand Ambassador. Fulfilling the need of how meat-lovers feel without meat and filling this gap with the most meat-like, vegetarian solution through its plant protein-based meat products. Uncrave launches the third product by the brand - the UnCrave Mutton Galouti Kebab - strengthening the present seekh kebab range that includes Chicken and Mutton Seekh kebabs. IANSlife caught up with Vir who talks about his life without meat and his relationship with food.

Since you've already tried UnCrave, what's your take on plant-based meat?

Vir: I love them. On days I don't eat meat due to any reason, I love the option of not having to miss it. It is an excellent alternate source of protein, and it's a great option to serve to my family and friends whenever I'm hosting a gathering or a party.

Do you explore places and food during your global tours?

Vir: Yes, I am a hardcore foodie and it's always fun to be able to taste different delicacies from different parts of the world when I am travelling.

What gets you to 'Uncrave' during tours?

Vir: My go-to UnCrave strategy is to find a diet that is realistic and not too extreme but still helps me achieve my goals. This also ensures that the body and mind strike a healthy balance without hampering my energy levels during tours.

Do you explore different cuisines when on tour?

Vir: With all the travelling that I get to do, food is always an important part of all the new places I discover and tour in. But I love Asian food. The flavour always smacks.

What are the 5 food items that you would carry while travelling?

Vir: My top choices would be cookies, makhana, or a big mug of flavoured coffee.

Which dish do you crave the most at any given point?

Vir: Having lived in Delhi, I think lip-smacking aloo parathas are the go-to comfort food that I crave the most

How do you prep for your tours? Do you follow a creative process for the same?

Vir: When prepping I like to switch off. Most importantly, I write myself first and then jam with my team. To get in the zone I prefer going away for a while and giving myself space to create something new.

Source IANSlife

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