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Actress-dancer Nora Fatehi has tested positive for Covid and is currently in quarantine under the doctor's observation. Recently, she went on various reality show events to promote her new song with Guru Randhawa.

Guru Randhawa and Nora Fatehi's Dance Meri Rani was released on December 21 on the T-Series youtube channel. The two promoted their new single “Dance Meri Rani” on the comedy show. The two had a great time with Kapil Sharma and his team.

Nora’s fans are praying for her quick recovery after she tested positive for Covid 19.

Nora’s spokesperson confirmed that Nora tested positive on December 28. She is in quarantine at present. "On behalf of Nora Fatehi, as her spokesperson, would want to inform that Nora Fatehi has been tested positive for Covid on 28th of December," he stated.

"Abiding by the protocols, Nora has been quarantined under the doctor's observation since then and has been cooperating with BMC for the safety and regulations," he added further.

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Nora also shared the news by posting in her Instagram story. She wrote, “Hey guys, unfortunately, I am currently battling Covid... It has honestly hit me real hard! I've been bedridden for a few days now under the doctor's supervision. Please stay safe guys, wear your masks, its spreading fast and can affect everyone differently! Unfortunately, I have reacted badly to it, this could happen to anyone please be careful! I am working on recovering at the moment that's all that matters right now. Nothing is more important than your health! Take care, stay safe.”

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