In our country, movies which try to break the conventional Normas have always been in news. Upcoming movie Janhit Mein Jari also facing the same rage in connection to a female character in movie who is selling condoms.

Nusrat recently posted the trailer of her film on her social media account, where Nusrat was trolled a lot.  

But it is not the first time that movies become controversial our country, it has happened in the past as well. So let's know about such films, whose release caused a ruckus.

Padmavat:  The movie was based on the novel of Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi. It remain in controversy because of Hindu groups and Karni sena allege that the movie includes an intimate scene in which the Muslim king dreams of becoming intimate with the Hindu queen.  There was huge protest in Rajasthan, Haryana and some parts of UP. 

The Painted House: The film was about the relationship between an elderly man and a girl. There was a lot of controversy about this movie made in the year 2015. This film was never released. 

Unfreedom: The name of the film 'Unfreedom' is also in this list. The film was banned because it was based on homosexual relationships.The release of the film was banned due to the excessive obscenity in it.

Fire: The movie 'Fire', directed by Deepa Mehta, was based on the homosexual relationship of two women. Many entities opposed the film. Siting the relationship between two women, calling it a film that harms Indian civilization. After huge demonstration the film was banned and theaters were vandalized.

Lipstick Under My Burqa: The film "Lipstick Under My Burkha" also braved opposition. The movie was directed by director Alankrita Srivastava in 2017. Muslim leaders demonstrated harshly against the filmmakers due to the bold depiction of women. They explained that the film is provoking Muslim women to not wear the burqa.

PK: There were also many controversies regarding Aamir Khan's blockbuster film 'PK' in the year 2014. The film was accused of creating misconceptions about religion. 

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