'Only one mistake is possible..': ECI debunks EVM hacking theories, reveals demands raised during multi-party delegation

Addressing the press conference, CEC Rajeev Kumar said, "The entire counting process is absolutely robust. There are 10.5 lakh booths, and 14 tables in one hall. Polling personnel will be behind every table. "

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The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Monday addressed a press conference and gave details about the counting process and demands that were made by the INDIA block. Counting for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will take place on June 4. Ever since Lok Sabha Elections 2024 exit polls have come to the fore, the INDIA block has expressed its doubts about EVMs once again. Most of the Exit Polls have predicted that PM Modi-led BJP government will return to power. However, INDIA block leaders have maintained that they will win more than 295 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections. Below is an expert from CEC Rajeev Kumar- 

Why Lok Sabha Elections 2024 results will have no mistakes?

Addressing the press conference, CEC Rajeev Kumar said, "The entire counting process is absolutely robust. There are 10.5 lakh booths, and 14 tables in one hall. Polling personnel will be behind every table. There will be polling agents of every party in front of the table. There are more than 8000 candidates i.e. only parliamentary. If we add on three polling agents per party outside the booth then there will 30 to 35 lakh people will be present there. 130 to 40 lakhs of 17C will be matched by the polling officials. There will also be micro observers. The counting process will be done among 70 to 80 lakhs of people. There is no possibility of any mistake during the counting of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 results."

One mistake during the counting of EVMs and voting as per ECI

Kumar further added, "It works like a precision of a clock. So, I want to say there cannot be any problem within the system. Yes, there can be human problems. I want to say firmly that the entire counting process will be robust. When the EVM started it was randomized before the election. Candidates along with the agents were there. They were provided with booth numbers where the EVMs would go for counting. The entire process was seen by them as who voted for whom. They even signed the slips that were given to them after voting on the EVM. 

Thereafter, a form 17C copy was given at that moment only. 17C is the most popular form in terms of elections. EVM was sealed in front of them, they all stood when the strong room where the EVM was kept was sealed. Forces have been deployed there 24/7 and you are also sitting there. There are CCTV cameras, observer is keeping a close eye on that. Micro observers are also watching it."

EVMs and fake claims

The Chief Election Commissioner also talked about the fake rumors that are being spread on the transparency of elections and EVMs. Kumar said, "There were fake news that claimed that the ECI had denied sitting of counting agents at the RO/ARO table, we countered. At every RO/ARO table agent is allowed. Another fake narrative claims that counting agents sitting at the RO table are influenced. I want to ask how such a massive number of counting agents can be influenced. If it is possible then inform us we will take action. "

ECI on multi-party delegation

CEC Rajeev Kumar also talked about multi-party delegations that met them ahead of the voting. For the unversed, the INDIA block met the ECI before the press conference took place. "There were few demands were made from us in the multi party delegation. In written, they had asked CCTV monitored movement of control units. We accepted. The second demand was verification of current date and time on display at CU (Control Units). We accepted. 

The third was the start and end time and date of voting process confirmation by counting agents should be shown. We accepted. The fourth demand was to inform details of which slips and tags to be verified by counting agents when CU is brought for counting. We accepted. "