‘Opponents tried to break the family’: Punjab Sufi Singer Jyoti Nooran and father settle differences

Punjab's Sufi singer Jyoti Nooran was having a personal dispute with her father Gulshan Mir, which was ended by her father Mir

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Punjab's Sufi singer Jyoti Nooran was having a personal dispute with her father Gulshan Mir, which was ended by her father Mir. According to reports, he himself went to Jyoti's house to make peace. Mir said that he has no resentment towards his daughter. Some people tried to break the family and they were successful to quite some extent. Mir said that he forgave Jyoti for her mistakes and hugged her.


Gulshan Mir said that the family always remains together. No one is ever ostracized the family always stays close. He said that The children called and we came to our children. Today he has forgiven his daughter Nooran wholeheartedly and the ongoing dispute between the two has ended. Gulshan Mir also organized a live gathering with his daughter and joined in with his daughter by singing her new song 'Aa Sajnaan Rall Ikthean Bahiye, Bichhodiye Nu Aag Laiye'.


According to them, they got entrapped in others’ words and subsequently accused each other. They listened to others and made many allegations and counter-accusations against each other. The children are innocent, they were made to do mischief while it was happening to them. Many attempts were made to break the family apart. Now they have erased all the grudges and forgiven each other. That's why we have started the process of decorating the gathering together. He said that they will soon go to Bapu Mahi Shah ji's temple with Jyoti to pay his obeisance.


Jyoti's mother kissed her forehead and said that children make mistakes, but the parents will always forgive them. Her father has corrected his mistake. Now the Sangat itself will forgive their children and give their blessings. Jyoti Nooran said that she prays that her family will stay peaceful in the coming times.


Brother Sahil Mir said that I am very happy that my brothers and sisters have been reunited. My sister has built a very beautiful house. She will shift soon. Usman said that we are all one. Those who broke us have themselves been broken. We have got the blessings of our parents.