Giving birth to yet another controversy, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan termed a global and dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden as 'martyr'. Imran was speaking in the parliament. he also went on to say that Islamabad should never have taken part in the US-led ‘war on terror’.

Lashing out at the US, Khan said that American forces entered Pakistan and killed Laden without informing Islamabad after which everyone in the world started abusing Pakistan thereby causing embarrassment to the country.

He further said 70,000 Pakistanis died due to the US-waged war on terror.

After his video went viral, Imran Khan was badly slammed on Twitter as well as in the parliament by the opposition parties. A user wrote, "I was completly shocked when Imran khan said Osama bin ladin a "Martyr". Imran said the word martyr to that person who did nothing good for humanity but only brutal destruction of humanity."

Here Are Tweets and Responses of people on Imran Khan: 

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India's famous Major Gaurav Arya wrote, "Pak PM @ImranKhanPTI calls Osama bin Laden “Shaheed” in the Pakistan National Assembly. And then Pakistan says it is a victim of terror." "No surprises here, this is the same Imran Khan who called Talibans, the murderers of 70k+ Pakistanis, as his naraz brother, offered them open their office in KPK under his provincial government. If Imran Khan says Osama Bin Laden Shaheed then its something he firmly believes in," wrote another user.

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