Islamabad/Mumbai: Engineer Hamid Nehal Ansari, after completing three years in Pakistan jail will finally return to his home in Versova in Mumbai. He will complete three years in jail on 15th of December but will return after one month as the Pakistan Interior Ministry told the High Court that the process of his deportation will take a month time. Ansari lawyer said that he would be released on the 16th December morning.

              His mother Fauzia broke down on hearing the news and said,“I have crossed out 1095 days on my calendar in the wait of my son. Should I start counting all over again?” Indian government has however promised her that the paper work would be processed within an hour of his release.

                     Ansari, on November 12, 2012 with a fake identity card went to Pakistan to “rescue a woman friend from a forced marriage.”On December 12, 2015 he was taken into custody by intelligence officials. He would now be deported to India after the completion of three year term in Pakistan jail.

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