Punjab education department had called the meeting of over 2,600 school principals and district education bureaucrats from all over the state. Education Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer explained the media that the meeting was called to listen to the valuable suggestions of teachers to improve the state education system by framing a new policy.

The latest example of how courteous and moralistic the teachers are, has come out in a video where teachers are hurling at each other regarding food as if they have not eaten food since ages. Teachers teach the lessons of moral education along with etiquette to children in schools but after seeing this video it seems that they forget about their own teachings. Even the male teachers did not even pay heed to the female teachers and fell on the plates.

Troll on Media

Some people were also seen trolling the government on such behavior of teachers. Users are writing on twitter that it can be speculated from this video of the teachers that what will happen to the mid-day meal prepared for the children in the schools. 

A man has written that government should also make an agreement of training with the Delhi government on how the teachers have to behave. They should be trained for this in Delhi. Even the teachers of Delhi should be outsourced for the high level programs of the government.

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann is also being trolled that why are you going to tarnish your image by sending such teachers abroad. Teach moral education and etiquette by keeping them here first. 

A user has commented that when the meeting could be virtual, then what was the need to waste lakhs of rupees. At least the respect would have been remain intact.One has commented that he will do the same by going abroad. Badals had also sent some “Babus” abroad for training, but it did not yield results.

One person has written that even Bhagwant Mann might not have learned anything from the langar system of the Gurus. How parshadas (food) are served in the company. Had the same practice been followed, at least such a bad scene would not have been seen.

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