In an effort to maintain peace and harmony in the district, the Pathankot Police conducted a flag march on Friday, March 19, 2023. The march, which was led by the SSP Pathankot, saw the participation of a large number of police personnel of Punjab Police.

The flag march was conducted in the district. The primary aim of the march was to instill a sense of security and confidence among the residents of Pathankot, and to send a message that the police force is committed to maintaining law and order in the district.

Speaking on the occasion, the senior superintendent of police Harkamal Preet Singh Khakh said, "We are committed to maintaining communal harmony and peace in the district. The flag march is an important step in this direction as it sends a message of unity and solidarity to the residents of Pathankot. We urge the people to cooperate with us in our efforts to maintain peace and harmony in the district."

SSP Khakh has emphasized that it is important for the public to remain calm and not give in to any provocation. The police force is fully committed to maintaining law and order in the district, and any attempt to disrupt communal harmony will not be tolerated.

"Any individual or group found taking the law into their own hands and disturbing communal harmony in the district will face strict action. We appeal to the public to report any suspicious activity to the police and not to believe or spread any rumours that may create tension," said SSP Khakh.

The flag march was conducted in a peaceful and disciplined manner, and there were no reports of any untoward incidents. The police force received overwhelming support and appreciation from the residents of the district, who expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the police in maintaining peace and harmony.

The Pathankot Police has been proactive in its efforts to prevent and contain communal tension in the district. The force has been conducting regular meetings with community leaders and stakeholders to promote understanding and harmony among different communities.

The flag march is part of the larger efforts of the Pathankot Police to maintain peace and harmony in the district. The force remains committed to its duty of protecting the citizens of Pathankot and ensuring that the district remains peaceful and safe.

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