In a significant breakthrough, the diligent efforts of the Pathankot Police have led to the arrest of Jasvir Singh, a notorious fake travel agent who was masterminding an elaborate visa scam. This marks the third major catch of a fraudulent travel agent by the Pathankot Police, showcasing their relentless commitment to ensuring public safety and security.

During the operation, the Pathankot Police seized a staggering number of fraudulent documents, further exposing the depth of the scam. The recovered items include 25 passports, 6 chequebooks, 7 ATM cards, Aadhar cards, a car, two phones, a watch, PAN cards, and voter cards. These materials serve as crucial evidence in the investigation, shedding light on the extent of the deception orchestrated by Jasvir Singh.

Upon meticulous examination, it has come to light that Jasvir Singh, under the guise of a travel agent, duped multiple individuals seeking foreign tourist visas to Argentina. He cunningly exploited their aspirations, charging exorbitant fees and promising a smooth visa process. In total, he fraudulently collected a staggering amount of Rs 23 lakhs from unsuspecting applicants, leaving them devastated and stranded.

The deceptive scheme unfolded as Jasvir Singh enticed victims such as Subhas Dar, Nitin, Kulwant Raj, Vishal, Lakha Ram, Arun Kumar, Dayal Chand, and Sehal alias Pradeep Kumar. Exploiting their trust, Jasvir Singh acquired their original passports, birth certificates, and substantial sums of money. He proceeded to fabricate and distribute counterfeit Argentine visas, preying on the dreams of innocent individuals seeking a better future abroad.

The case came to light when the Embassy of Argentina flagged the fraudulent visas after receiving an inquiry from a vigilant applicant. The swift response and collaboration between Pathankot Police and the Embassy played a vital role in unraveling this elaborate scam. The Embassy confirmed that the visas were fake and promptly shared the information with their consulate in Mumbai.

The senior superintendent of Police( SSP) Pathankot], Harkamal Preet Singh Khakh expressed deep concern over the distress caused to the victims and assured them of relentless pursuit of justice. He further stated, "The Pathankot Police remain committed to protecting our citizens and maintaining the integrity of our immigration system. We will leave no stone unturned in apprehending those responsible for such heinous crimes and ensuring that justice is served."

The Pathankot Police have initiated legal proceedings against Jasvir Singh, invoking various sections of the Indian Penal Code, namely Sections 406, 420, 467, 468, and 471. Additionally, charges have been filed under Section 13 of the Punjab Prevention of Human Smuggling Act 2014 and Section 24 of the Immigration Act 1983 at Sadar Pathankot police station. These charges were filed after a thorough verification process conducted by Inspector Gurpreet Kaur, who heads the EOW wing. The investigation is currently underway, with the dedicated police team, led by SHO Sadar Harpreet Kaur, working diligently to identify any potential additional victims and ensure that the perpetrators face the consequences of their actions.

In the course of initial questioning, the defendant has disclosed that he underwent a span of several years employed in Dubai, subsequently engaging with a travel agency based in Delhi, and ultimately venturing into his own tour and travel enterprise in 2016 without completing the requisite registration process. In the year 2017, an instance involving a charge under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code was lodged against him at Sadar Police Station in Pathankot.

The Pathankot Police urge anyone who may have been victimised by similar fraudulent travel agents to come forward and assist in the investigation. They can contact the authorities through the designated helpline numbers or visit the nearest police station.

The exemplary efforts of the Pathankot Police in exposing this widespread visa scam have once again reaffirmed their dedication to safeguarding the community and upholding the rule of law. Such operations serve as a strong deterrent to criminals and reinforce the faith of the public in the police force.

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