In a bizarre and shocking incident, a kid allegedly of 12-years of age robbed Patiala's State Bank of India Head Office in broad daylight. The Patiala SBI robbery viral video is doing rounds on social media with netizens expressing their shock over the incident. In fact, the Patiala State Bank of India robbery viral video is spreading like a wildfire on social media. 

In the Patiala SBI viral video, a kid from the age group 10 to 13 years old enters the Bank premises and goes inside the cabin in presence of entire customers and bank employees. While the bank employees and customers can be seen busy with their work, the kid silently comes inside the bank and leaves there with a big and heavy bag. Furthermore, when the kid comes out of the Patiala SBI bank, he was amping up his speed along with the bag and leaves from the bank's compound as soon as possible. 

Reportedly, the incident took place at the State Bank of India Head Office, Sheranwala Gate, Patiala. The amount which was stolen is said to be Rs. 35 lakhs. As per the Police, the bank had kept the money in the bag behind the cash counter to deposit it into a nearby ATM. Furthermore, the Police informed that the Patiala SBI Viral CCTV footage has revealed that an adult can be seen with the child and both of them had planned and robbed Patiala's SBI Head Office. 

While being asked how the child came to know about the bag full of cash, the Police officials stated that the adult and the child were observing that for the past 20 to 25 minutes when they were inside the bank.

Patiala SBI robbery CCTV viral video

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