Over the past few days, various States are taking strict action against people who are performing dangerous stunts in the public. Especially in Uttar Pradesh, various stuntmen have been booked in the past few days. Now, Patna bike stunt viral video has been doing rounds on social media. In fact, the Patna Bike stunt viral video has been the top trending topic on social media and also on the mainstream media. 

As per reports, the Patna Bike stunt viral video took place in the Capital city of Bihar in the Budha Colony Police station area at the Ganga Marine Drive path. The Patna Marine Drive Bike stunt viral video has also fumed the netizens. The incident took place on Sunday. Going by the Patna Ganga Marine Drive Viral Video, you can see a bike crashing with the scooter rider (girl) while a youth was performing a stunt on the road without any safety gear. 

The Patna Viral Video Bike Stunt also shows how the boys crashed with the scooter and the woman who was sitting behind the back seat of the scooter her leg has been fractured too.

Watch Patna Marine Drive Bike Stunt Viral Video

Reportedly, the girl and the boy both were rushed to a nearby hospital as they were seriously injured. Talking about the viral video Patna bike stunt, the boy was making Instagram reels while performing stunts at high speed. On the other hand, the girl was learning to drive a scooter. While making reels, the boy suddenly lost his control and rammed the scooter. The collision was so strong that the woman riding it fall down and the biker was also injured. 

On getting the information about the incident, the Budha Colony Police Station confiscated both the scooter and bike which were involved in the accident. 

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