Pavitraa Puniya-Eijaz Khan breakup reason: What went wrong between the Bigg Boss fame couple?

Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan met inside the Bigg Boss 14 house and fell in love with each other in the reality show.

Pavitraa Puniya-Eijaz Khan breakup reason, Pavitraa Puniya-Eijaz Khan breakup -

Bollywood actor Eijaz Khan and his girlfriend Pavitra Punia have parted ways after 4 years of dating. Yes! you heard it right. Eijaz Khan-Pavitra Punia's breakup was confirmed on Tuesday after the duo was quoted by multiple portals. Eijaz Khan's romance with Pavitra started during their stint at Bigg Boss 14. From then, Eijaz Khan and Pavitra were living together in a Mumbai Apartment. However, for the past few months, reports surfaced that all is not well between Eijaz and Punia. Now, the question arises what went wrong between them or what is Eijaz Khan-Pavitra Punia's cause of breakup? Below is everything you need to know- 


Eijaz Khan-Pavitra Punia breakup reason


As per reports, Eijaz Khan-Pavitra Punia's breakup took place five months ago due to a compatibility issue. However, Eijaz and Pavitra continued to stay together in an apartment. Last month, Eijaz moved out, but Pavitra still lives there. Confirming the breakup, Pavitra Punia was quoted saying, "There is a shelf-life for everything, nothing is permanent. In relationships, too, there can be a shelf-life. Eijaz and I parted ways a few months ago and I will always wish him well. I respect him a lot, but the relationship did not last."


On the other hand, Eijaz was quoted saying, "I hope Pavitra finds the love and success she deserves. She will always be a part of my duas."


For the unversed, Pavitra and Eijaz met inside the Bigg Boss 14 house and fell in love with each other. In May last year, Eijaz opened up about his marriage plans with Pavitra. 

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