Peak Heatwave: Panic in Sheikhpura school after 7 students faint & multiple suffer nosebleeds in Bihar

Panic erupted in Bihar's Sheikhpura school after multiple students fainted one by one due to the scorching heat.

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Entire north India is engulfed in a heatwave and witnessing record-breaking high temperatures. The IMD too has issued a red alert across North India including Bihar, New Delhi, West Bengal, Punjab, Haraya, etc. In the meantime, at least 7 students in a government school in Sheikhpura, Bihar. As per reports, panic erupted in Sheikhpura school after multiple students fainted one by one due to the scorching heat. Not only this, many suffered nose bleeding as well. A video has been shared on X in which Sheikhpura school teachers can be seen taking care of fainted students. 

As per reports, The temperature in most of the cities of Bihar has crossed 45 degrees while it has reached 48 degrees Celsius in the Aurangabad district. Schools were closed in Bihar due to extreme heat and have reopened after 10 days. Reports further suggest that as many as seven students fainted due to the heatwave at a school in Sheikhpura. However, as school started, some of the girl students in school fell unconscious during morning prayer. 

To be precise, the incident happened at a school located in Mankaul village of Ariyari block. Two female students were taken to Sadar Hospital and are in critical condition. On hearing about the incident, the parents of the children reached the school and pleaded with the school to remain closed. Furthermore, it is alleged that there is no exit fan inside the school room, due to which the heat increased in the whole room and it was filled with gas and thus the condition of the students deteriorated.

Till now about 60 female students have fainted due to the scorching heat in government schools in different districts of Bihar, as per reports. 

India heatwave reason explained

As per a report, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) tracked heat waves in six major cities in India and the dangerous trends contributing to high temperatures. The CSE analysed that severe heat waves in India have worsened the Urban Heat Island Effect, i.e. when the temperature in urban areas is higher than in rural areas, resulting in a difference. A program officer named Sharanjeet Kaur was quoted saying that high temperature and humidity are crucial to understanding cities' heat stress. 

"Usually, heatwaves occur between March and July, but nowadays, we are witnessing more humidity than heat, resulting in heat stress. The temperature is relatively high at night. Pavements and concrete structures absorb the heat during the day, which gets trapped, resulting in warmer nights."

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