Due to a recent fall in value of rupee against the US dollar there has been a rise in price of petrol and diesel as well. As per the data available on Indian Oil Corporation website, petrol became costlier by 19-20 paise and diesel as well became costlier by 9-10 paise per litre all over the country.

   After price revision on Monday the price of petrol in the national capital, Delhi is Rs. 76.15 which up by 19 paise as compared to the price on Sunday. Diesel is retailing at Rs. 67.47, 9 paisa costlier as compared to diesel price as on Sunday.

In Mumbai, county business capital, petrol is sold at 76.15 which is 19 paise costlier than that on Sunday. Diesel, in Mumbai is retailing at Rs 67.47. In the other two metro cities, Chennai and Kolkata, prices of petrol are Rs 73.19 and 72.62 respectively. Diesel in these two cities are being traded at Rs67.97 and Rs 66.14 respectively.

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