Petrol & Diesel sales to be stopped in Punjab on THIS date

A PPDAP spokesperson announced that petrol pumps across the state will not purchase oil from oil companies on specific dates which could lead to another fuel crisis

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Punjab could be likely face another apocalyptic shortage of Petrol and Diesel in the coming days according to most recent announcements by Petrol Pump Dealer’s Association Punjab (PPDAP). A spokesperson of PPDAP announced that the association will stop the sale of Petrol and Diesel all across the state of Punjab on February 22. According to reports, this decision was made to due the association’s disappointment with the non-increase in dealer margin since August 2017.


The spokesperson announced that it was also decided that petroleum dealers across the state will also not purchase any oil from the Oil Companies on February 15. No fuel will be purchased on February 16 as well in light of Bharat Bandh in support of the farmers’ protest. No purchase of fuel for 2 days will leave the stocks at their minimum level, hence resulting in a shortage on February 17 as well.


PPDAP President Doaba said that oil marketing Companies (OMCs) have not been increasing the margin of petroleum dealers, which was last revised in August 2017. A demand letter was sent to the presidents of the oil companies to increase the dealer margin and a copy was also sent to the Prime Minister.