'No phone, no outside contact': Arvind Kejriwal’s Vipassana routine in Hoshiarpur revealed

The Vipassana centre will cut off CM Kejriwal's contact with outside world and no one is allowed to openly speak on the premises

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is set to isolate himself in Hoshiarpur’s Vipassana Center for 10 days. This means that the CM will be cut off from the outside world and will only be allowed limited contact. Vipassana meditation is designed to achieve peace of mind and help one be better equipped to deal with their daily struggles. This entails deep and clear self-reflection from oneself which according to beliefs can only be achieved through isolation. The CM will be made to follow a strict routine and there are rules and regulations in the Vipassana Centre such as not being allowed to speak openly. These are there to help facilitate the best outcome of the 10-day meditation course. The details of the routine and the rules, as revealed by our sources, are as follows:


CM Arvind Kejriwal’s routine will start at 5 A.M. and end at 7 P.M.  After the morning routine and breakfast, the CM will be taught the meditation therapies and techniques at 9 A.M. for day one. The CM will be shown an introductory video and then the session is expected to last almost 3 hours. Following this, a break from the routine will commence at 12 P.M. after which lunch will be provided at 1 P.M. The course will then resume until 6 P.M. after which, the session will be over and the CM will be free to go back to his designated hut.


The centre has about 48 huts on its premises and each attendee is assigned one to stay in. This serves as the personal resting place for the attendees.  The huts are equipped with basic amenities such as a bed and a on suite bathroom but no luxuries are provided. There is no television or similar source of entertainment.


During the whole routine, a mantra of silence and peace will be followed. Therein no one from the entourage is allowed to speak. If one wishes to commune, then there is a designated space in the centre where speaking is allowed.


One may only communicate in that area. Needless to say, social isolation also entails that the CM cannot use his mobile phone or any device to contact the outside world. If there is information that is important for the CM to receive, then the Centre facilitates a Landline telephone through which the residents can be contacted.


The CM is expected to stay at the retreat until at least December 31. The duration of meditation course undertaken by the CM is 10 days. Vipassana meditation is intended to remedy one’s universal ills and hence better equip oneself to face their daily challenges. The CM Kejriwal has been undertaking Vipassana meditation courses in the past in Bangalore and now in Hoshiarpur. It is alleged that he may be preparing himself for the stresses of the upcoming general elections. CM Kejriwal was also issued a summons by Enforcement Directorate (ED) to appear in court regarding the Delhi Excise policy case, which he will skip due to this retreat. He claimed that the summons is illegal and solely motivated by political causes.