Before pointing fingers at others, look in the mirror; Punjab CM slams Sunil Jakhar

Says, Jakhar must focus on working for the welfare of Punjab instead of trying desperately to form alliance with SAD

Punjab Trending Elections 2024

Terming Punjab BJP president Sunil Jakhar as a "new example" of turncoats, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann lashed out at Jakhar on Monday and advised him to clarify which party he was representing before engaging in any mischief. 
In a statement issued today, the Chief Minister said t that Jakhar, who had changed allegiances like a chameleon, had previously enjoyed power as the state president of the Congress and had taken over leadership of the BJP when he felt cornered by the Congress leadership.

The Chief Minister said that Jakhar, now realizing that the BJP won't secure victory in the Lok Sabha elections in Punjab, is desperate to form an alliance with the SAD. He pointed out that Jakhar seemed to be the politician acting as the "spokesperson" of the SAD while serving as the BJP president, solely for his political future. Taking a dig at Jakhar, the Chief Minister said that Jakhar should, at the very least, clarify which party he represents when speaking publicly.

Lashing out at Jakhar, the Chief Minister said that he should not underestimate the people of Punjab. He cautioned Jakhar against playing dirty political games with Punjabis instead, the CM advised Jakhar that he must explain why he acts as a spokesperson for parties that have harmed the state for their vested interests.

The Chief Minister questioned Jakhar's desperation to forge an alliance between the BJP and Akali Dal by diverting attention from Punjab's real issues, driven by a thirst for power. He said that opposition parties should admit that Punjabis will wholeheartedly support the Aam Aadmi Party, which prioritizes the state's development, in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.