Police arrests the accused in Bulandshahr Cop's Murder

Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was hit with rocks and sticks and attacked with an axe before he was shot dead by a crowd on December 3

Police arrests the accused in Bulandshahr Cop's Murder -

LUCKNOW: The man who led the fatal attack on a police officer in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, during the mob violence of December 3 has been arrested.  The police said that the man, identified as Kalua, had attacked Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh with an axe, chopping off a couple of his fingers and then inflicting a head wound. After that, the officer was shot. Prashant Nutt, the man who allegedly pulled the trigger, was arrested on December 28.

Subodh Kumar Singh's body was found in an SUV abandoned in a field. The officer was part of the police team that was called in to control a mob that had gone maniacal after carcasses of more than 20 cows were found in the outskirts of a village in the district. Inspector Singh was targeted by a mob of around 400 people, who hit with rocks and then beat him with sticks. Then they chased his car to a field where he was killed.

The police are also in search for the man who allegedly instigated the attacks - Yogesh Raj, a member of the right-wing Bajrang Dal. Yogesh Raj had claimed that he was innocent and is absconding since then.