Citizenship (Amendment) Bill faces flak in Meghalaya Assembly

Two BJP MLAs have.written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

 | Citizenship (Amendment) Bill faces flak in Meghalaya Assembly- True Scoop

Two BJP MLAs in Meghalaya Assembly have written to PM Narendra Modi opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016.
          In their memorandum, BJP MLAs Alexander Hek and Sanbor Shullai said "The Bill would further aggravate the prevailing problem of influx of illegal migrants from Bangladesh which the state had been grappling with since Independence".
          They also stated that the Bill has triggered wide spread negative sentiment among the people of the North Eastern States.
          "The Bill also undermined the ongoing updation of 1951 National Register of Citizens which like the Assam Accord also uses the 24thMarch 1971 cut-off date to determine the list of Assam citizens," the memorandum said.
          Moreover, they also said that the Bill which has been passed in the Lok Sabha  will nullify the objective of the NRC as well as the foundation of Assam Accord as it has a cut-off date of 31st December, 2014.
          Shullai also said, "The proposed implementation of the Bill has caused widespread resentment among the people of my state, and North East as a whole and as such, has made me reconsidered my allegiance with the party".