MP Govt halts the obligatory Vande Mataram singing

The new MP CM expressed that the patriotism comes from the heart and can not be imposed

MP Govt halts the obligatory Vande Mataram singing -

Bhopal, Jan 1: The compulsary Vande Mataram singing at Mantralay on the first day of the month has been halted for the time being by the Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath.
"The decision is neither under any agenda nor do we have any objection to the song, which is embedded in the depths of our hearts. I sing it once in a while. The melody's performance will be recommenced but in a different form soon. We also believe that rendering Vande Mataram on certain days is no identifier of either one's patriotism or nationalism," he said on Tuesday.
'Are those who do not sing the song not patriots?' the MP Chief Minister asked and then added that he is of the opinion that nationalism is associated with the heart and requires no exhibiting.
"I repose faith in religion and patriotism. The Congress which fought for this country's freedom does not need a nationalism certificate from anyone. Such decisions (singing Vande Mataram on certain days) are imposed to divert attention from genuine development issues; to mislead and confuse the populace", Mr Nath felt.
  Every Indian citizen is a patriot and a nationalist, he emphasised, adding that the Bharatiya Janata Party ought not to play politics over this.