Poonam Pandey dead or alive? 5 unanswered questions linked to controversial model

On Friday, her PR Team confirmed that Poonam Pandey died due to cervical cancer at her ancestral home in Kanpur.

Poonam Pandey dead or alive? 5 unanswered questions linked to controversial model -

Update: Poonam Pandey on Saturday accepted that she faked her death and her PR team participated in it. Poonam Pandey in her video said, "Hi! Everyone. It's Poonam. I am sorry I have caused this tear, I am sorry to those whom I have caused hurt. My intention is to shock everyone into the conversation that we are not talking enough about which is Cervical Cancer. Yes! I faked my demise. Extreme, I know. But suddenly we are all talking about Cervical Cancer. It's a disease that silently takes you life. This disease needed the spotlight. I am proud of what my death news has been able to achieve. For those who have questions for me, I will see you live on Hauterrfly."



The mystery revolving around Poonam Pandey's death has kept her fans and followers puzzled for the past two days. On Thursday, it was reported that Poonam Pandey died at the age of 32 due to cervical cancer. Thereafter, on Friday, her PR Team confirmed that Poonam Pandey died due to cervical cancer at her ancestral home in Kanpur. However, many fans and followers pointed out the fact that no one dies due to cervical cancer all of a sudden. Also, a self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan shared Poonam Pandey's video that was filmed two to three days back in which she seemed fine and partying with her friends. As a result, the Poonam Pandey dead or alive question has intensified, and below are the five unanswered questions that are raising suspicion about the model's death- 


1) How did Poonam Pandey party in the last stage of Cervical Cancer?


As KRK shared Poonam Pandey's video alleging that she is totally fit and fine and her death news is a publicity stunt, many users agreed with him. In fact, her followers and fans shared Poonam Pandey's last video which was shared by the model herself a few days back. In the video, Poonam Pandey was seen partying on a cruise ship in Goa and she seemed totally fine. 


2) 'Poonam Pandey died due to drug abuse' 


After fans and experts raised questions that none died due to Cervical Cancer, another media portal stated that Poonam Pandey died to a drug overdose. As per Zoom, Poonam Pandey died due to a drug overdose and this is the reason why her family are not divulging details and are remaining tight-lipped. 


3) A PR stunt for World Cancer Day Awareness?


Another report suggested that Poonam Pandey is alive and the controversy may have pulled up a publicity stunt to spread awareness on World Cancer Day i.e. on February 4. Notably,  Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in Indian women, accounting for about 18 percent of all cancers occurring in this demographic group. India accounts for one in every five or 21 percent of cervical cancer cases, according to a recent study published in the journal The Lancet Global Health.


4) Where is the dead body?


The fourth unanswered question is where is Poonam Pandey's dead body and when is her last rites happening. Multiple fans raised the question that if Poonam Pandey is dead then where is her dead body and when is her last rites? Since her PR team stated that Poonam died in Kanpur at her ancestral home. Many journalists headed to Kanpur, but neither did they find her family members nor anyone named Poonam Pandey was reported dead due to cervical cancer in hospital records. This again raised question on Poonam Pandey's death. 


5) Poonam Pandey's driver was given holiday two days before


Last but not the least, Poonam's driver Mehboob was contacted by a media portal. Mehboob was quoted saying, "Till two days ago madam was absolutely fine and healthy. They sent us on leave for two days. This morning I got a call from his bodyguard Amen. He said go and see madam's house, what happened?" Mehboob said that he met Poonam on 30 January.