Back in 2019 Pop Smoke was the one who had brought back the then forgotten UK drill to United states. But soon before he released the album or the song he was gunned down in his LA mansion when he was only 20 years old. 

He had left many incomplete verses behind which eventually led to the release of his posthumous album ‘Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon’. The new song ‘Faith’ is more about the artists featuring in it than it is about Pop Smoke. 

Faith is said to be over saturated and the music is more overpowering masking the raw talent of the late artist. There sure were a few successful artists in the lot who made the guest appearance worth, like ‘Spoiled’ and ‘Manslaughter.’ 

The most successful ones are where Pop Smoke is left alone while making the commercial songs. On the album ‘Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon’ there were several songs which had made it to the top 20 hits. For the record these songs were not tempered with and were left in their original form.

Even though the main purpose of the song was not to make a profit but to preserve  Pop Smoke’s  spirit in the form of music. Faith is not released for the purpose of making money at all which rules out the problem of not have many listeners. 

Although the legend’s new song is termed as something you might run into while finding something on YouTube. Faith was made for experimental purpose, as it is made for everywhere. Like it is rightly said something that is made for everywhere seems like it belongs nowhere.

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The only good part about Faith is that it makes us realize that no one can replace the original artist and their work. It is also a reflection that nothing is off limits if it helps the label make a few more bucks. 

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