Prajwal Revanna's alleged World's Biggest S*x Scandal & how it is Impacting the BJP: Explained

Prajwal Revanna and his father HD Revanna have been booked in a s*xual harassment case following complaints by his former house help.

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Prajwal Revanna's video leak incident has started to impact the BJP and JD(S) alliance in Karnataka. Prajwal Revanna and his father HD Revanna have been booked in a sexual harassment case following complaints by his former house help. Prajwal Revanna is the grandson of former Prime Minister of India HD Deve Gowda. Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna is said to gone to Germany after the elections 2024.  Karnataka CM Siddamariah has ordered an SIT probe in Prajwal Revanna's s*x scandal case. Now, the question arises what is Prajwal Revanna's s*x scandal case, and why it is called the world's biggest s*x scandal? Below is everything you need to know- 


Prajwal Revanna's former househelp & complainant was quoted saying, "After four months of joining, Revanna kept calling me to his room. There were six women workers in the house and everyone said that they were scared when Prajwal Revanna came home. The male workers in the house also alerted the women workers to be careful."


"..Whenever (HD) Revanna’s wife wasn’t there, he used to call the women to the store room and touch them while giving them fruits. He used to remove saree pins and used to s**ually assault women," the woman added. 


Asper the woman she decided to come forward and lodge her complaint against Revanna and Prajwal after watching leaked videos of other victims sharing their experiences. Detailing her case, she claimed that the abuse happened between 2019 and 2022.


Prajwal Revanna's scandal in detail


Prajwal Revanna is the NDA candidate from Hassan in the Lok Sabha elections too. A pen drive with thousands of obscene videos featuring multiple women, allegedly recorded by the politician himself, had been doing the rounds ahead of elections in the constituency. 


The decision to form a special probe team, which was announced by the Chief Minister's Office on Saturday. Notably, Poornachandra Tejaswi MG, the election agent for both the JD (S) and the BJP, lodged a complaint alleging that Naveen Gowda and several others circulated purported videos aimed at defaming Revanna.


The FIR says, "Naveen Gowda and others morphed videos and images and circulated them to the voters in the Hassan Lok Sabha segment through pen drives, CDs, and WhatsApp to put Prajwal Revanna in bad light. They are asking the people not to vote for him."


Karnataka CM  Siddaramaiah took to his official X handle and wrote, " (Translated version) Obscene video clips are circulating in Hassan district, where it appears that women have been s**ually assaulted...In this background, the Chairperson of the Women's Commission had written a letter to the government to conduct an SIT investigation. This decision has been taken in response to their request."


BJP's reaction to Prajwal Revanna's viral videos


A BJP candidate from Haveri Lok Sabha constituency was quoted by a newswire saying, "There is a big question on women's safety. There was an incident of a Dalit woman being r*ped when CM was in town in Belgaum. A minority woman was r*ped in Haveri. The other day, that girl was killed on campus openly. There are so many other incidents. There are mass murders happening. Law and order is a big issue and women's safety is a much more bigger issue".


Slamming the Karnataka State Government, the BJP candidate further said, "They are looking at the political benefits. These things can't continue for a long time. People will revolt."