From Prince William's extra-marital affair to fertility test: Why Kate Middleton is buzzing around the world?

Kate Middleton has been away from the media spotlight and public appearance for the past 2 months and therefore, fans in the UK have started to trend #WhereisKate on social media.

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Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has been grabbing headlines worldwide, however, due to unwanted reasons. Kate Middleton has been away from the media spotlight and public appearance for the past 2 months and therefore, fans in the UK have started to trend #WhereisKate on social media. Kate Middleton has not publicly appeared since she underwent abdomen surgery. Not only this, Kate Middleton's Mother's Day picture with her children sparked another controversy after X and many UK portals including BBC called it edited and misleading. Although Kate Middleton recently made a public appearance, she continues to remain in controversies and fans have been wondering what is going wrong in the British Royal family. Below are the top controversies linked to Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales- 


1) Prince William's extramarital affair


After Kate's surgery, reports of Prince William's affair came to the fore. Fans started to speculate that Prince William was having an affair with Marchioness of Cholmondeley Sarah Rose Hanbury. Hanbury is a close friend of Kate and William.

The affair was mentioned by Stephen Colbert, host of the American show 'The Late Night Show'. He had said in his show that people say that because of William's affair, Kate is keeping her distance from the public. Kate had also asked William about this, in response to which William laughingly said – It is nothing like that.

However, as per UK media reports, Sarah Rose Hanbury has rejected the news of the affair. She stated that the reports and claims are completely wrong. 


2. Public appearance of Kate Middleton's body double

On March 18, a British newspaper published a photo of Kate and William. Both were seen shopping. It was claimed that this was Kate's first public appearance after surgery. However, people on social media say that the woman seen in the photo is not Kate. At the same time, some people stated that the photo is of Kate's body double. According to fans, the ears and cheekbones of the woman seen in the photo are quite different.

3. Suspicion around Kate Middleton's medical records


As per reports, the Royal Family has not released any new photos of Kate after the surgery. This is why people are speculating that Kate's condition is serious after the surgery. Fans alleged that Kate is facing complications and she has not recovered completely. However, the Royal Family has issued a statement saying that the Princess is recovering and will be seen in public after Easter.

As per another British media, a person working in the same clinic where Kate's surgery took place tried to take out Kate's medical records. A case of security violation has been registered against the clinic and the person.


4) Kate Middleton's Mother's Day pic


Kate Middleton & the Royal family have been embroiled in a massive controversy after multiple British news outlets took down the Princess of Wales' Mother's Day photo. Kate Middleton's Mother's Day Photo sparked massive outrage and controversy on social media after British media called the 'adorable picture' manipulative and even X (formerly Twitter) labeled it as distorted.


5) Claims of Kate Middleton undergoing a fertility test before marrying Prince William


This is not the first time that there has been controversy regarding Kate Middleton. Last year, a book claimed that Princess Diana's daughter-in-law Kate Middleton (Prince William's wife) had to undergo fertility tests before her marriage. The reason for this was that she did not come from any royal family.

Tom Quinn, who was close to the British royal family, wrote a book titled Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family. There is a chapter in this book on Princess Diana and Princess Kate Middleton. In this, the author made an important revelation. According to this, when Prince Charles and Diana got married in 1981, Diana's fertility test was done. Kate Middleton (wife of Prince William) also got this test done in 2011 before marriage.