Late Princess Diana was said to have plans to move to California and start a new life with her sons and Prince William. She also wanted to pursue a career of her own in the Hollywood. 

Tuesday was the 24th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, during  an interview with Diana’s former voice coach Stewart Pearce, he revealed that Diana had a lot planned in her mind for herself and her future before things came along. 

Stewart had become friends with Diana very recently before her sudden death in the year 1997. He also mentioned that one of her main goal was to create documentaries on the charitable interests that she wanted to make into moving pictures but that never really was implemented by her. 

Princess Diana always had a creative side in her and she was very passionately exploring it. She had initially planned on shaping a career for herself in Hollywood. Every decision Princess Diana made and every step that was taken by her was always done with perfection. 

She was always surrounded by the best of people around her who gave her the best advice. No matter what the decision was she always made it with elegance. Everyone around her always rusted her decisions and knew that the people she appointed would bring positive changes only. 

The Princess had a thing for creativity and would always prefer creativity over anything else. According to her interests in the past, Diana always wanted to be the one behind the camera telling stories and not the one dreaming to be a movie star. 

Diana and Prince Charles got marries in the year 1981. They had their first child in the year 1982 named Prince Harry. After having disputes, the two got separated in the year 1996. After the couple split, Prince Charles got married again to Camilla Parker Bowles in the year 2005.
After splitting with Prince Charles, Diana started seeing an Egyptian film producer named Dodi Fayed. The couple were seeing each other for a while, before they both passed away in an unfortunate car accident. 

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Diana passed away at the age of 36, her plans of moving to California with her two sons never happened. Although it is not talked about now, Prince Harry and wife Markle’s plans have been just that after they resigned from the royal family and move to Montecito, California.  

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