Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Saturday took a u-turn after declaring herself as Chief Ministerial candidate of the Congress party for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Elections. Addressing the media on Saturday, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra backtracked her 'CM face' remarks and stated that she was 'irritated' by the same question asked by the media. Furthermore, the Congress General Secretary stated that her party decide the CM face and the same will happen in the upcoming UP polls. 

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said, "I am not saying that I am the CM face. I said this as I was irritated. Because you are asking the same question repeatedly. What is the big issue? There are so many states and so many in-charges whether they belong to BJP or Congress. Do you ask all of them whether they are going to be the CM face? Why don't you ask them? Why are you asking me?"

"Where is the hesitation? In some places, my party decides to declare the CM and in other places, it does not do so. That is how my party's approach. There is no hesitation," she said on being asked about her party's hesitancy in naming her as the CM candidate," she added.

She further indicated that the Congress is open for an alliance for the UP Polls, however, the doors are shut for BJP. Priyanka also slammed Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party and accused them of doing the same kind of politics as the Bharatiya Janata Party.  "The door is closed for BJP but open for other parties. Samajwadi Party and BJP are practicing a similar style of politics because they are benefitting from that kind of politics. We are saying common people should benefit, issues of development should be raised. The parties who go ahead on the basis of communalism and casteism have only an agenda. They benefit each other".

Priyanka Gandhi's 'irritated' reply on Congress' CM face for UP Polls

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Friday dropped a major hint on likely to be a chief ministerial candidate for Uttar Pradesh. In an interview, Priyanka Gandhi opened up about the CM Face of Uttar Pradesh. During an interview, Priyanka Gandhi said, "Are you seeing any other face from the Congress? Then?"

"Then you are the CM face for the Congress?" Priyanka Gandhi was asked. "Dikh toh raha hai na sab jaga mera chehra," Priyanka Gandhi had said in response.


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